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Medical Gas Management and Delivery System
Stock number AA0608

• Performance under pressure.

• Directional function to minimize gas pressure.

• Tubing resists kinking.

• Ergonomic valve means easy handling.

• Unique valve always indicates the direction of flow.

• Greatly reduces the possibility of mistakes.

• Sterilized and individually packaged.

• Entire system can be easily purged.

• Reduces the liklihood of inadvertent introduction of room air. 
The AngiAssist™ system is equipped with a K-valve featuring 3 Female and 1 Male Luer connector.  These are identified as Ports 1, 2, 3, and 4.  The system also contains two syringes connected to Ports 2 and 3, which allow for the de-pressurization of gas.  Additional lengths of tubing connect to Ports 1 and 4 and are used as ‘source’ and ‘exit’ tube, respectively.
The K-valve Indicator Knob is created as a “V” which indicates the directions of flow currently selected.  Flow can only be achieved through an adjacent Port. 
Example: Flow can never be achieved from Port 1 to Port 3, or from Port 1 to Port 4.
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